About Me

I have lots of interests besides math. Learn more about my interests here. What do we have in common?

I have two corgis, Calvin and Hobbes, who I love dearly.

Meet Calvin

Meet Hobbes

Calvin enjoying the sunlight

Hobbes living his best life

I love being outside, whether it's hiking, biking, kayaking, camping, or something new.

Some camping fun

Kayaking at Owsley Fork

Feeding a chickadee

After a bike ride

I love traveling to new places and getting to learn about and experience new cultures.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Ketchikan, Alaska

Wamego, Kansas

Grand Canyon, Arizona

I also love crafting, in particular the fiber arts.

Crocheted turtle toy

Crocheted sloth toy

Knit hedgehog baby blanket

Knit sweet pea baby cardigan

I love many other things too, from music, to drawing, to baking, to holding chickens!

Playing the ukulele

Pen and ink dog drawing

Homemade bagels

Me and my friend, Ethel